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The versatile Grafter™ range are a firm favourite with residential window cleaners, but also extremely useful for cradle work and abseiling operations too.

  • Ideal Residential Pole
  • Glass-Carbon Fibre Mix
  • Low Cost yet Highly Durable
  • Very Short Collapsed Length

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The Grafter pole family has been carefully designed with the residential window cleaner in mind. With an amazingly short closed length of just 1.6m, the Grafter will fit into even the smallest of window cleaning vehicles with ease. But despite its compact dimensions, the Grafter can reach up to 32ft, and thanks to the glass- carbon mix, still remains remarkably rigid, even at this height. Hard wearing, low cost and compact in size, the Grafter is simply the ideal residential pole!

Waterfed Pole
Sections Extended Length
Weight Handle Diameter
    ft m   ft m ft m Kg mm
  Grafter-17 17ft 5.18m 3 13ft 5in 4.09m 5ft 3in 1.6m 1.44 Kg 29.6 mm
  Grafter-21 21ft 6.40m 4 17ft 5in 5.29m 5ft 3in 1.6m 1.80 Kg 32.6 mm
  Grafter-24 24ft 7.32m 5 21ft 1in 6.44m 5ft 3in 1.6m 2.19 Kg 35.5 mm
  Grafter-28 28ft 8.53m 6 24ft 9in 7.56m 5ft 3in 1.6m 2.58 Kg 38.6 mm
  Grafter-32 32ft 9.75m 7 28ft 4in 8.63m 5ft 3in 1.6m 3.01 Kg 41.6 mm


  • Available Lengths (Reach) Feet:17ft, 21ft, 24ft, 28ft, 32ft Metres:5.2m, 6.4m, 7.3m, 8.5m, 9.8m
  • Collapsed Length: 1.6m (5ft 3in)
  • Head Types: Residential
  • Best Suited for: Residential work, Cradle work, Abseiling work

"Great pole and not expensive"

Mark Leons

"Great pole and not expensive" "For the price, these poles are excellent. Anything higher than 30ft you'd be better with a glyder though."

Jay Simms

Perfect for most residential, and cheap enough not to worry about"

Colin Ricardo

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""We have been very impressed with this system and will certainly be investing in another one in the future as we continue to expand."

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It's a fantastic system, it cleans better, the work is easier. As for the winter, using hot water has definately enabled me to keep working. You could work in 2 inched of snow if you wanted to.

Andy Harding

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I've been using Ionic's hot water Thermopure for four years now, it's especially faster on first cleans. Hot systems are more expensive than cold but I wouldn't be without it, espcially in the colder months

Alan Tomasik

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